Red Hawaiian

This Salt gets it red-brown tint from purified alaea clay mixed with the sea salt. Alaea is composed of over 80 different minerals, the highest being iron which gives its colour. Best of all the alaea has been described as a mellow flavour when added to the salt and its scent is not detectable so it won’t interfere with the aroma of your dish. Food it pairs well with includes pork chops and roasting or grilling meats.

Name: Red Hawaiian
Description: Coarse or fine grind
Country of Origin: Hawaii
Extra Mineral/Content: Iron and other trace minerals
Possible Health Benefits: May benefit people who are low in iron
Recipes: Beef, Vegetables

Be Aware

Reading ingredients labels on products is an important part of healthy living. A casual glance at the main label is not enough when you choose a salt. Ask yourself is this real sea salt of is it refined? When salt is refined it may go through several degrading processes:

  • Mechanical harvesting from dirt or concrete basins with bulldozers and piped through metal conduits
  • An artificial process to make the salt free-flowing
  • Brought to an extreme heat level that causes a crack in its molecular structure
  • Essential minerals are removed that are required for our physiology
  • Additional chemical additives (inorganic iodine, plus dextrose and bleaching agents) mixed in to make it bleached (mask impurities) and iodized