Himalayan Pink

This Salt has been mined from the ancient salt beds in the Himalayas. It gets its rosy hue from trace amounts of iron. It comes in either a course or a fine grind that is suitable for most salt shakers or salt grind mills. Other countries it can be found in include Pakistan and Peru. Peruvian pink salt has an even more pronounced taste and is an excellent addition to bruschetta. Other foods it pairs well with include curries, soups, pasta, rice and seafood.

Name: Himalayan Pink
Description: Coarse or fine grind
Country of Origin: Himalayas, Pakistan, Peru
Extra Mineral/Content: Iron and other trace minerals
Possible Health Benefits: May benefit people who are low in iron
Recipes: Fish and Seafood, Vegetables

Did you know?

While few would claim salt is a health food the way blueberries are, many are surprised to learn that unrefined and additive -free salts actually have nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. On the flipside, plain table salt known to be found in packaged and fast food is stripped of those minerals as it's refined. Some health experts believe that when you take away minerals and produce such a sodium-dense product, health consequences occur. Because of the heightened flavour and textural nuances of fancy salts, sea salt included, you can often get away with using much less on your food. Now it's time to shake up your cooking!

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