Murray River

Murray River while it contains sea salt is actually described as an inland salt. The salt comes from the pure underground saline waters of Australia’s Murray/Darling river basin. The flakes are a pinkish-yellow colour and have a mild taste that enhances the flavour of vegetables dishes, risottos and, grilled poultry.

Name: Murray River Inland Salt Flakes
Description: Flaked
Country of Origin: Australia
Extra Mineral/Content: Some Iron, magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals
Possible Health Benefits: May benefit people who are low in iron
Recipes: Poultry, Vegetables

Fine Grind, Coarse or Flaked?

In addition to being available in a variety of colours sea salt can also be bought in various sizes/shapes. Fine grind or the smallest size of crystal easily dissolves into baking recipes or soup. However, if you want your salt not to immediately dissolve and to be displayed with the spices in meat dish choose a flaked or coarse salt. Flakes are flatter and dissolve sooner than the angular coarse sea salt. Coarse salt is considered a finishing or final salt. When lightly sprinkled on dehydrated organic vegetable crackers before baking it adds flavor and crunch which would otherwise melt into the cracker if fine grind was used.