Black Cyprus Flake

Black Cyprus Flake also known as Black Hawaiian comes in a rich ebony colour with a fusion on activated charcoal. The charcoal is believed to bind toxins and flush them out of the body. The texture is silky, but the flavour is full bodied. It pairs well with asparagus, scallops, fruits, Asian dishes and salad dressings. Note: A black rock salt known as purple kala namak or “Sanchal” is found in Northern India and Pakistan. It has a lower sodium content, but a higher sulphuric content. When ground to a fine grain the crystals are pink in colour. The taste is similar to boiled eggs, and it’s commonly used in south Asian dishes and Indian cuisine. Kala is also believed to be a good digestive aid.

Name: Black Cyprus Flake
Description: Flaked, Fine Grind, Coarse
Country of Origin: Italy, Hawaii
Extra Mineral/Content: Activated Charcoal, trace minerals
Possible Health Benefits: Removal of toxins from the body
Recipes: Beef, Desserts, Fish and Seafood, Vegetables

Black salt allergy?

Another salt on the market known as Velvet Black or Black Sepia Gourmet Salt owes its black colour not to activated charcoal, but the ink of the marine cuttlefish. While the colour may look similar to other salts, individuals with shellfish/seafood allergies should avoid this brand and stick with Black Lava Salt Brands.